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Where can I find latest research in all fields


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Hey everyone,

So when I initially joined gradcafe and went through the list of forums and subforums, I was astonished to find that so many academic disciplines exist in the world. I am keen to keep myself updated about latest research in all disciplines. As I like to read and gain knowledge.

So I wanted to know is there any particular website or app which lists latest research developments(such as Journal articles, PhD thesis from top universities, Articles from influential scholars in the field, Review Articles etc. etc.) in all fields(Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Pure Sciences, Humanities etc.) and subfields.

Thanks in advance

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No such thing exists. Different fields disseminate their knowledge in different ways. In some, most work is uploaded to repositories such as arXiv (the linguistic equivalent is LingBuzz), but at the end of the day you need to peruse the TOCs and contents of the major journals in each field, and stay informed about the work presented at major conferences, to stay on top of what's going on in a certain (sub)field. It's utterly impossible to do this for all fields and subfields. One needs to specialize in something -- both to know what venues to look at (major journals, conferences, repositories), and simply to keep up with the amount of new knowledge that's being generated every day. 

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As fuzzy said, it is impossible to do this and keep up in ALL fields. It's hard enough as someone who specializes in just one field to keep up with the literature in that field! Ask any academic and you'll find that many people have to work hard to keep up to date on just their subfield! 

So I am assuming you are not asking to keep up at the professional academic level in all subfields. If you are asking for leisure reading / hobbies, then I would suggest subscribing to some broad journals. For example, for the sciences, two top tier journals are Nature (https://www.nature.com/nature/) and Science (http://science.sciencemag.org/). If you are not familiar with these journals, they are top tier journals in the sciences and are very competitive to publish in. They often require your result to be of especially high impact. They publish in all fields of science (Nature has many other "brands" for individual fields too). So a subscription to either (or both) of these journals will give you a good taste of a broad range of research in the sciences. But as I said, these journals only publish the articles/work that they feel is most impactful, so you'll definitely not get all research, just one slice. Since the audience is meant to be very broad, the articles are also often written so that anyone with some science background should be able to get the main point (although many researchers will tell you that articles in their subfield feel very shallow since the main article doesn't go into very much depth).

These journals also have good summary articles where another scientist will write about the impact / importance of one of their feature articles each week (issues are published weekly), usually meant for a non-expert to understand the article. 

Nature costs $200 per year to subscribe (in Canada) and Science costs $50-$100 per year if you just want the digital version. Of course, if you are a current student or member of a university somewhere, your school likely already subscribes so you can just access them through your library. But if you are not in academia right now and just want to read some scientific articles as a hobby and you have the money, a subscription like this could be fun.

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