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I have received an admit from ECE CMU and ECE Georgia Tech. My interest lies in computer architecture, FPGAs, digital design and hardware acceleration. I feel the course of CMU is better than Georgia Tech. But I am confused whether  ECE CMU really worth spending extra 30K USD? At Georgia, I will have a better opportunity of getting an RA or TA. 
At CMU, program is professional masters while at Georgia I have an option to choose Thesis .
I request you to please provide a better comparison of two programs from the perspective of my technical interests.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi, what did you end up deciding and how was your experience?

I'm in the exact same situation and my interest lies in computer Architecture. Even I found the courses at CMU to be more organized and better than GaTech. But, I am confused if it is a wise decision financially since both colleges have equal rank and job opportunities. Moreover, CMU masters would be coursework oriented. Research opportunities seem better at GAtech.

I would like to know what you ended up deciding. Your experience and insights will help me make a well informed decision. 


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