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Best Option for Grad Loan in my Situation


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So I'm debt free right now and have very good credit.

I have enough money saved to pay for my cost of living for 1 year, and tuition for 1 year.

I have accepted admission to UCLA's MSW program, a professional degree program for a masters in social work.

I plan to work in mental health, likely government work for the first few years out of school then eventually once licensed as an LCSW private practice as a therapist in California, or a mix of gov work and private practice on the side.

Tuition and cost of living remaining will be about 30 thousand dollars for my second year.

I was provisionally offered both the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan for $20k and the Direct Graduate Plus Loan for $27k

Considering this, what do you think is the best option, considering the above loans and any others out there for a loan to pay for that 30k, considering my good credit?

I would prefer to keep the cost as minimal as possible because out of school my income will be low, probably around 50-55k a year to start.


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I'm in the same boat. Received a financial aid package, which would allow me to use my savings to pay for one year of remaining tuition and living expenses comfortably. After that, I'm unsure what to do for the second year. 

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