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CS PhD, Northeastern vs Brown


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Hi all, this decision thing is becoming a torture.

I narrowed it down to Northeastern Uni vs Brown. I like both possible advisors, who work on different things (albeit in the same broad field). I have also visited both campuses, but it didn't help much because I liked both.

Has anyone got any experience with those schools for a CS PhD?

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At this point, since you like both advisors, I would try to contact grad students at both schools and ask them questions (preferably current students of your advisors). For me this was a game-changer. You can also try looking at the csrankings in order to compare the publications of the departments and the specific advisors.

And in the end, they are both great schools and you cant be wrong with your choice. :)

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To add more details:

Northeastern has a very big department, with a large faculty group and many phd students. Brown has a small, but productive, group.

Northeastern has a great location being in Boston, but Brown has probably a more prestigious name, being an Ivy.

If I choose Providence, I will probably have to commute from Boston (it isn't too bad, but still around 3hrs/day commute).

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