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Submit ALL transcripts ??


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I got accepted to NMSU (woohoo), but they want me to submit my official transcript. Which I did.

Only problem is I have 12 misc credits from two universities that didn't even count toward getting my degree in any way (takes 128 credits to graduate. Got 142 total. Minus 12? 130. Plenty.), and they are requiring that I submit official transcripts from these two schools even after saying it did not affect me getting my degree (literally though. They didn't even apply to any of my gen eds.)

The other issue is because they were like six years ago, I don't even know my student number, let alone can they be transferred again since the school I got my degree from has the permanent records.

What can I do to bypass this issue?

They will not officially accept me until they get these "official" records from schools that don't even matter.


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Contact the schools directly and talk to a real person. I am sure there is a way for you to get the required documents. And then if you cannot, then you have at least tried your best and it is more likely that NMSU will waive this requirement if they know you have tried everything possible.

For what it's worth, I did have to submit ALL of my transcripts, including one from a school where I took a single class as a visiting grad student (MS). That school required you to fax a legal-sized form in order to get that transcript. Ugh!

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