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What exactly is a shortlist?


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hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows what a "shortlist" actually is.

Are these accepted AND waitlisted student? Just accepted students? A list of students that haven't quite been accepted, but also haven't been denied? does anyone know? (and please please don't say it depends on the school :blink: )

Thnx! :P

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In my experience, it basically means you aren't in or out. They've narrowed it down to a few that they are considering further. Kind of like being on an interview list. Might get in, might get waitlisted, might get rejected. But you are a serious candidate they are considering. Good luck!

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Agree with the above. In my experience and understanding, short-listers are like the "finalists" from which adcoms make their first round of admits, and those not initially admitted are basically at the very top of the wait-list (unless eliminated after an interview).

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