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University of Tennessee - Knoxville 2018


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Hi all- wanted to start a page for UTK to see who else will be attending this fall. 

I'll be starting my PhD in the anthropology department and super excited about the whole process. Just starting to look at housing options and see if anyone else is doing the same. 

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Hey Sawtooth,

    Thanks for creating this page!   I've been looking for a way to connect with more incoming grad students.  I'll be starting my MFA in creative writing at UTK this fall.  Like you, I'm really excited to begin - UTK was my top choice program, and I am still a tiny bit in shock that I'll have the opportunity to learn from the amazing writers on their faculty!  Still looking at housing options as well.  Things seem to be filling up fast with undergrads, but I'm hoping to find a place that's geared more toward young professionals, grads, and families.  

     I'm from Arkansas.  Where in the northeast are you coming from?  

     Also, congratulations on getting accepted for your PhD!!  

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Hey y'all,

I'll be moving down to Knoxville sometime in the late summer to begin a PhD in Geography. I'm from NYC, go to school in Western NY, enjoy food-related activities (eating, cooking, grocery/farmer's market shopping), being active (because it allows me to eat more), and photography. I also like to prioritize experiences, especially with travelling, and seek to visit new places every few months or so (both domestic and international); I'm a Geography student so it's in the job description! My research interests lie in the intersection of urban geography, transportation geography, east-Asian studies, social equity, and geographic information systems; for an example of my work from my undergraduate capstone seminar, I analyzed the social equitability of access to public transportation in Shenzhen, China in the context of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 9 and 11. But I'm also interested in topics pertinent to sustainability, food systems, kinesiology, nutrition, immigration, diversity, race and ethnicity, mindfulness, perfumery, and fashion!

I've only met a handful of people at UTK during my short visit and I'm excited to meet other people! What are your main reasons for choosing UTK? What are your particular research interests?



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I'm so glad to see a thread like this. I'll be starting my MA in the anthropology department this coming fall at UTK. My focus is historical/bioarchaeology and my research interests currently center around expanding our understanding of the lifestyles and experiences of populations that are not generally included in the written  "canon" of history.

 I am really excited, but also pretty nervous. I'll be graduating from undergrad in two weeks(!!) and went to school in my hometown (Columbus, OH/OSU) so moving even two states away is going to be something of an adventure. I am also starting to look at housing and would love to hear if anyone else has heard anything about where grad students typically live in Knoxville. When I visited last fall I thought the city was beautiful and had a very cool energy. I am also definitely looking forward to exploring the state parks in the proximity!

Good luck to everyone with their transitions!


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Hi guys! I'm currently looking for a roommate in Old North Knox. I just finished up my 2nd year in the social psych PhD program, and I have loved Knoxville so far - and my neighborhood, in particular! Info on the house is below.
Rent: $450 (total is $1,000 but 2nd room is a bit smaller) + half internet and utilities
Size: 2br, 1bath, | 1,300 sq ft
Must be dog and queer friendly; no cats
House is in Old North Knoxville - a beautiful historic neighborhood 3 miles from campus close to many great bars, cafes, and restaurants. I’ve been in the house for two years, and it’s newly renovated on the inside with a small fenced in yard and front and back porches. Ideally, I’m looking for someone to move in July but would be negotiable for an August move in. I have a sweet, easy, and very cat-like Greyhound named Bouncingball. Despite her 65lb frame, she’s practically invisible (i.e., sleeping in her bed) 90% of the time.  Additionally, no cats please; Bouncingball would chase it to its certain demise.
If you’d like to see more photos and hear more, please reach out! These are from when I first moved in and from the original craigslist posting. Ideally, I’d get this worked out in May, as I’ll be out of town May 30-June 8 and June 18-Aug 7. However, I’m happy to work with someone from a distance, as I’ll have folks who can easily show the house. Also, it’s 2018, so we can chat via FaceTime, Skype, etc.IMG_1351.JPG.c40e7845603d81d8b16e59f45148665f.JPGIMG_9980.jpg.e220e65fa2a63608992932b664e65d5d.jpgIMG_9986.JPG.4c20708035a20f67caa43150ede92d9b.JPGIMG_1334.JPG.dadaf24a14f62232250f504796f74122.JPGIMG_1335-1.JPG.75be81292ceee608318ca9db8f8b4c96.JPG
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Hey everyone!  I just accepted an offer of admission to the Counseling Psych PhD program at UTK and will be moving there in August.  Since y'all have been there for a year now, do you have any suggestions for moving and adjusting to Knoxville?

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