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Hi guys,

I'm considering applying for my PhD in Statistics for the fall 2019 cycle and will have a 3.75ish GPA. However, there was one semester I got mostly B's because I had to work a full time job while taking 17 credits due to financial hardships. The rest of my semesters I received nearly straight A's. Are these financial hardships worth mentioning in my SOP? I don't want to seem like I'm making excuses for poor grades, but I'd like to know if you all think my situtation is relevant/important to mention. Thanks for your feedback!

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I reread your profile and if that was the semester you took some combination of: Advanced Calculus, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, and other courses it is might be worth a mention because that really stands out as odd and is probably one of the weakest aspects of your profile.  Write something up and have a few people look over it.  I can look over your SOP when it is finished if you want.

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You're gonna be busy during grad school too, and having a job isn't something like an illness or family emergency, so some people might view it as making excuses. Bs aren't that bad. I wouldn't draw more attention to it.  

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