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ood day Scholars!!!!!
I've been following this thread for sometime now and I really appreciate the altruism of all the active members. I taught it time for me to join the league of erudite scholars by writing the 'almighty' GRE cheesy cheesy. I will be applying for #fall2019. I've been able to come up with some schools but I seriously need your input as regard my choices in terms of generosity of the schools when it comes to funding(must grin grin) and the admission chances, since experience they say is the best teacher. 

Discipline Civil Engineering
GPA - 3.51/4
Interest - Structural Engineering(PHD/MSc)

University of Utah
University of Arizona
Michigan Tech
Washington State University(They said GRE not reqd. Shd I still send the GRE scoreshuh.png)
University of Iowa
Oregon State University

Any other suggestions will be highly welcomed....

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I have no advice to offer for the schools, but in terms of Washington State being GRE optional I would say if your GRE scores are good and you think they will help your application then send them. My undergrad school was test optional but I had really good ACT scores so I sent them anyways and it helped increase my scholarship! Good luck with everything!

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