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I have a M.S. degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience. For the better part of the year, i have yet to find a job in this field, better yet, Im having issues with finding a job at all.

What are my job opportunities with this degree? I want to get into neuromarketing but I dont know how to go about doing that.

I may have an upcoming teaching position at my old university however that's not something I would want to do for a long time.

The other options I have are to go back to school in either counseling or I/o psychology.

I just want to know what i should be doing. 


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How narrow are you defining "in this field"? And how close to the field of what you studied do you want to be?

As neuro and cognitive psych are very research-focused, which is hard to find outside of academia.

People in neuro can find industry jobs in pharma, healthcare industries (i.e., government, startups, health policy think tanks), hospitals, animal research facilities, and other such jobs.

Not sure exactly what applied cognition is, but it sounds like you could find work in market research teams, UX research teams, survey design, applied statistics/data science positions (if you're strong in stats), research or business analyst positions in consulting firms, and the like.

If you are actually interested in switching to IO or counselling, first check that you need to actually do another degree in this area. For counselling, it seems more likely with licensing and such that you would need to go back to school, but there is no licensing in IO and I've sen job postings that list many different types of psychology masters.

Feel free to reach out with more details and I can help you find some relevant jobs.

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