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Elliott or Korbel


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Hello everyone, 

I have been accepted into Elliott's Security Policy program with 14k a year funding and Korbel's International Studies program with 10k. I am having trouble deciding which one would be the best decision. 

love the program at Korbel. It is extremely flexible and would allow me to take more classes overall but particularly more skills courses. The skills courses at Korbel are more relevant to overal future careers (project management, data analysis, regulatory policies, etc). I also really like the faculty and the research being done at their centers mirror my exact interests. There also seems to be a strong sense of community and I was told by current students that faculty made a point of being readily available to their students. I would also enjoy living in Denver more than DC. 
Elliott is also a great program but it is more rigid. I could only take three skills courses and the program is going through a transition right now and actively looking for a new program director and faculty members. Elliott has classes or institutes focusing on almost every region in the world and one of the only schools with an active focus on Africa which is my regional interest. 

Korbel will be nearly twice the cost and not located in DC. I have been told that Denver has many opportunities but no matter what, DC obviously will have more. 
I already live in DC so if I choose Elliott, I will not incur moving costs but COL here is very high and the commute is awful. 

I would appreciate any advice from people who have chosen a more expensive school due to better program fit or vice versa. Or any insights at all really that might be helpful in making this decision. Thanks! 

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