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  1. Hello everyone, I have been accepted into Elliott's Security Policy program with 14k a year funding and Korbel's International Studies program with 10k. I am having trouble deciding which one would be the best decision. love the program at Korbel. It is extremely flexible and would allow me to take more classes overall but particularly more skills courses. The skills courses at Korbel are more relevant to overal future careers (project management, data analysis, regulatory policies, etc). I also really like the faculty and the research being done at their centers mirror my exact in
  2. LuiB

    Denver, CO

    @lincoln.hawks Thanks for the info. If we do end up in Denver, I think we will rent first. Can I ask why I wouldn't want to live in Aurora? I saw a few houses for rent there, that looked promising. The Denver housing market is indeed expensive, but I currently live in DC, so I'm hoping the cost of living overall will be less.
  3. Hi everyone, I have been accepted to Denver's Josef Korbel and the Elliott school at GWU both with some funding, receiving 10k a year from Korbel and 14k a year from Elliott. I have decided that Korbel is my top choice but it is extremely expensive. Can anyone offer advice on how to leverage more funding from Elliott or how to request more aid generally? With 10k a year, Denver would cost $86K while Elliott would only cost $45k. I know Denver is a bit cheaper than DC, but not enough to cover that price difference. I worry about debt as IR is not a lucrative field but the program at Ko
  4. Hey everyone, Congratulations to those who have been accepted. I got my acceptance today with 10K a year but I am still concerned about being able to afford it on top of Denver living expenses. I think the program sounds great and I would love to live in CO but going to wait and see about funding from GWU first. Any Korbel students on here who could provide any insight into the program, classes or student life? Thanks.
  5. LuiB

    Denver, CO

    Hello everyone. I have applied to the University of Denver for my master's degree and would love any information on housing availability, either renting or buying. I've read that the housing market is insane right now and I have never visited so I don't know which neighborhoods to look at. I would prefer a house with a yard, as I have pets, and would need at least two bedrooms. My boyfriend and I are both 30 and love to be close enough to walk/bike to bars and restaurants. Is this possible for less than 2k a month or a home for less than 300k? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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