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Georgetown Conflict Resolution MA vs JHU SAIS


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Hi guys, first time posting.  I got accepted into Johns Hopkins SAIS (Conflict Management) and Georgetown (M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the Department of Government). I'm having some trouble deciding between the programs. GU is giving me a partial scholarship (10K-ish) while SAIS offered no funding for this academic year. The reply deadline for GU is 4/15 and SAIS is 5/01. I'm looking to pursue a policy career in international relations (State Dept. U.N. etc.), and am also concerned about career prospects after grad school. I also understand that SAIS places an emphasis on economics, and I haven't taken too many econ courses in undergrad. If anyone is already in one of the programs/can speak from experience, your feedback would also be greatly appreciated! Some professors and family have recommended Georgetown b/c they also have a Ph.D. program, but I'm honestly not sure if I want to pursue a Ph.D. at this time. I was also accepted into the University of Pittsburgh's GSPIA, and was wondering if I should consider that over the Georgetown MA (GU's program is relatively new; first cohort was in 2005-06).  I also spoke to a career counselor and he recommended SAIS for diplomacy/international affairs. Any additional insight/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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SAIS' Conflict Resolution program is relatively new so it doesn't have much of a rep within the con.res field, from what I've heard. Not having prior experience with the econ courses isn't unusual for SAIS applicants. You'd just have to fulfill those before attending. Have you talked with people at State, UN, Etc. that have the job titles you eventually want after graduation? Find some on linkedin and reach out to them to ask what they think is the best route to go as far as whether it matters where you go for grad school. Personally, I've heard from numerous people in that field that George Mason has the best Con.Res program in the nation, and schools like SIS, Korbel aren't too far behind. 

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