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GPA vs CGPA vs Percentage

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Hello everyone,

I was looking around and didn't find any satisfactory answers regarding how GPAs are weighted. Not even the google search was helpful.


So my question is, how do American PhD admissions value GPAs? For example, my school currently has a 4.3 scale, and I'm wondering the American universities understand that number. Do they simply run it through a calculator and convert it down to 4.0? If that's the case, the number does not really match with the percentage equivalent. To illustrate:

I have a total gpa of 3.94 / 4.3 , and a 96.9 Percentage Equivalent (CPGA), or so says my report card.

Now, if I convert the 3.94 / 4.3 to a 4.0 scale, it comes out as 3.71 / 4.0.
If I convert the 96.9 Percentage to a 4.0 scale, it comes out as around 3.84 / 4.0.

So which of the two scores would the admissions take?



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