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Who to ask?

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I’m getting ready to apply to grad school and I’m trying to decide who to ask for recommendations. I definitely want to ask my two thesis advisors; one is my faculty mentor, and one is a professor that I’ve had a good relationship with since freshman year. I’m not sure who else to ask, but I feel like I have three options:


•Option A: a professor that I had for a class while I was abroad;


•Option B: my internship advisor; she knows me and my work well, but she doesn’t have her PhD;


•Option ? the internship coordinator in the history department of my school who oversaw my internship last semester; she saw all of the work I did for my internship and has seen me give a presentation but we’ve only known each other for a short time.

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Generally speaking, you'll want people within your field who have a PHD and understand how rigorous it is.

Are the classes you took abroad relevant to the MA? 

What can Option A/C bring to the table that your current writers cannot?

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