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Can someone please help me out


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I have a concern.

I am in final year student of Mechanical Engineering. I wish to apply for Masters program in Physics.

I have no prior experience in research in physics. However, I am currently preparing for GRE General and GRE Physics Subject tests.

Assuming I get good scores in both the tests, what other things do I need to get admissions in good grad schools?

P.S. My long term goal is to get a PhD.

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With an M.E. background, you'll have taken Calculus I, II, & III, as well as differential equations and University Physics I & II.

Have you taken a course in PDEs as well? If not, your graduate program will probably allow you to take it during your first year.

I looked at a few US universities and what their admissions requirements are for a Physics masters. It appears they like to see that you've had a course in classical & quantum mechanics, an E&M course and maybe an upper-division laboratory course as well. Since you're taking the GRE and Physics GRE, and assuming you do well, that will likely go a long way in showing the admissions committee that you're capable of handling graduate-level physics.

That said, they'll most likely require you in your first year of study to take these undergrad courses just to bring you up to speed.

Good luck!


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