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Does anyone know of any online, Italian-language archives?


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I'm gathering sources to write a bit of my thesis for my writing sample. For the background information portion, I want to paint a picture of life in post-Risorgimento Italy as well as get some information on how the Italian government reacted to immigration to the United States. I'm also interested in general immigration/conscription records.

Google searches have been pretty fruitless thus far, so I'm hoping that someone will know of some primary sources online in Italian!
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You might want to start with digitized Italian newspapers, which you may have access to through your university library. If not, check libraries/universities near you.

Government documents are trickier, as even in the US they're often not digitized. Your best bet is to talk to a research librarian at your campus and see if they can help you out with those. Maybe there're sources at an archive in the US that can be sent to you via interlibrary loan.

You'll have to augment the dearth of accessible sources with secondary works, most likely.

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Look in the bibliographies of secondary sources you're working with to see if the collections/archives you're interested in has digitized images online.

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