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Do I have to send in my study abroad transcripts?



My sophomore year, I studied abroad through Loyola University Chicago, but I attend another university (Saint Louis University). My grades for my study abroad are on my SLU transcripts; do I need to send in the Loyola transcripts?

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It will probably depend on the program. I had pretty much the exact same situation as you during my applications and two of my schools were completely fine with just the transcript from the university I attended which showed the grade from my study abroad. My third school flagged my transcript as missing for the school my grade was granted through for my study abroad but then I contacted the admissions office and explained what was going on. The admissions office ended up not requiring my transcript from the school I studied abroad through once I explained my situation. However, this was only for one course, so my experience might have been different if I had a whole semester's worth of courses I studied abroad for.

What I would recommend when it comes time for applications is to contact the admissions department and see if they will need the transcript for your study abroad through Loyola University Chicago that way you don't pay for that extra transcript to be sent if you don't have to.

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