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Hi. I would like to pursue a master's degree in structural engineering abroad. I'm currently doing an undergraduate course in civil engineering. So, I would like to know if each of my subject grades i.e, subjects related to structural engineering will be considered for admission or if it's just my overall cgpa.

Thank you

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"abroad" is a pretty large place. Different schools will reach their admissions decisions differently, so it's entirely possible -- in fact, highly likely -- that some might care about specific grades in specific courses and some might only look at your overall GPA. I think that a safe bet is that you want at least decent, if not good, grades in your in-major courses, because low grades could be a red flag. That doesn't mean that any single low grade is a kiss of death (it's not!) because it's just one factor in an entire application, but you probably want to keep your in-major grades, especially in the higher level courses, relatively high. You also want to show an upward trend, in case you had lower grades earlier on. And if need be, you may consider explaining why there is a dip in your grades in a certain semester or year (e.g. because of a medical condition or a problem at home, ideally something that's now resolved or under control). 

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