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Advice (Program Cost and Next Step)

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Hello All,

I was recently accepted into a private university for the MS-SLP program. While I should be excited i'm a little apprehensive about the 56k price tag when most local university are about 25k in my state.

I currently have 2 options:

1. Attend this university with the higher cost or

2. Deny the opportunity and apply with hopes to be admitted to one of the 3 university in my area. This means leaving a secured spot in hopes of acceptance elsewhere  



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It depends on how competitive you are as a candidate. I personally was only admitted to one very expensive private university, BUT I am a below average candidate. So that being said, I didn’t want to risk not getting in anywhere the following year or any year after that. I decided that based on my stats, there was really no chance of me being accepted into my local university, and accepted my position in the expensive school. But if your stats fit the numbers in your state schools and you feel like you have a good shot, then take the year off and try again next year! :) 

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I agree with @andreadls22! Really depends on your stats and how confident you feel. Personally if it were me I wouldn't want to go through the application process again and the risk of not getting in the next application cycle. But ultimately it's up to you! I had the choice between an expensive private school and a cheap state school and I went with the cheaper school. However, If I were just accepted into the private school I would have gone there because of the reasons I mentioned. 

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