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"Optional" Subject Test

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Hi all,

After taking two years to teach, research, go to conferences, and publish, I've decided to once again apply for PhD programs. I've narrowed down my list of schools where I want to apply, and two have an "optional" subject test requirement. I've been studying, but haven't taken the test (was going to register soon for it). What has your experience with the "optional" subject test? Should I bite the bullet, per say, and shell out that money for only two schools? I will probably (definitely) retake the GRE in September, so if I don't have to pay for another test, that'd be great. 

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The subject test is weighed differently depending on the school and what your area of interest in. A lot of schools will place less weight on it if your major area of interest isn't one that's coverered by the Subject Test. At some Public Schools, there might be additional funding available for those who receive top marks on the Subject Test. There are also some schools who are in the process of eliminating their requirement of the Subject Score. Some might glance at it but will not consider it in their final assessment.

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