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Has anyone taken a class with Una Stojnic?


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I'm a PhD student in Princeton, and Una Stojnic will be teaching a few classes here in the fall. I'm trying to find some info on her and see if her classes are good. Has anyone here taken classes with her? Would you advise it? Thanks!

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Well, I am not sure how much information you are going to get about a particular person/class online.  Why don't you contact her and ask about the class and probably go to the first class session?

I am an undergraduate and cannot speak about the grad-level, but I have attended her talks several times and she is great!  

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I don't know how much help this is going to be, but I have read her articles and conversed with people who know her closely. She is really competent and prolific in philosophy of language (especially, on the formal semantics and pragmatics side) and, if you are interested in the topics of propositional content, the interaction of the content of an utterance and its context and such, then I suggest you enroll in the course, since she seems to be one of the most competent young scholars in the field.

From her writings, I can only presume she demands rigor and precision from her students, which is a good thing for a philosopher or semanticist anyway.

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