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Stanford MechE Masters is Terminal?

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Can anyone clarify the statement on Stanfords MechE Admissions page for the Masters degree. It says "Our Master of Science (MS) program is a terminal degree. To be eligible for admission to the department, a student must have a BS in engineering, physics or a comparable science program" 

I intend to pursue a PhD after completing the masters and want to use the masters to judge whether the a PhD in a particular research area would be right for me. With the statement above, does it mean you can't pursue a PhD immediately after completing the masters degree? 


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No, you can do whatever you want after the MS.  It's just that admission to Stanford's PhD is not a guarantee (and may even be a rarity).  Schools specify that a degree is terminal to say: you can apply to this program without enrolling in our PhD program and getting the MS along-the-way.

At some schools, terminal MS kids aren't eligible for assistantships/stipends.  So, look into that.

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