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IR Programs and the GRE

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering which IR programs ( HKS, WWS, SAIS, SIPA, Fletcher, MSFS) and others consider an applicants highest scores in the Quantitative and Verbal GRE sections. I realize that programs will not allow an applicant to take their highest Quantitative and Verbal scores and lump them together. Additionally, are there some programs which mandate that applicants must  submit all GRE test records? Finally out of the above programs listed which program places the most emphasis on a high GRE score?


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You can use Score Select submit whichever scores you choose to. The thing to remember is that Score Select doesn't work retroactively, so once you submit your scores, the school will have them for as long as they are valid. To give my  own story as an example, the first time I took the exam, (of the schools you have on your list) I sent my scores to Fletcher. The second time I took it, I got a slightly better score, and sent only the better scores to Fletcher and SAIS. Fletcher has both sets of scores on file, and SAIS only has the one. Programs can't mandate that you send all scores because ETS allows you to choose the ones you send, so if you only send the best ones, they will have no way of knowing how many times you had taken it up to that point.

To kind of answer your second question, I got funding for both of these schools with a good, but not stellar score, 162V 156Q. I was told on the "Am I competitive thread" that my QGRE was way too low and that I should basically give up any hopes for funding. This was especially surprising given SAIS's econ focus and that I took no quant coursework in undergrad. My advice is to do as well as you can, apply, and see what happens, and don't listen too hard to the people on forums like this that say that you need to have "at least 320 minimum" to not be thrown away in the first round. The fact is the people on these forums are by and large very well qualified and have high standards for themselves. It's easy to see them as your main competition and to get overwhelmed. I know I did. I hope this helps and good luck!

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