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Profile Evaluation for Fall 2019 MS in CS: GRE 167Q 155V 4.0AWA


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Hi Folks,

I will be applying for MS in CS related course starting in Fall of 2019. It will be of immense help if you could help me in evaluating my profile and suggest if the selected universities are achievable. Also, please suggest any other universities as per my profile.


Degree Goal : MS in CS

Area of Interest : Area of Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Undergraduate Education: Electronics Engineering from IIT (BHU), Varanasi.

CGPA : 8.37/10 (More than or around 9 in last 4 semesters)

GRE : 322 (Quant 167, Verbal 155, AWA 4.0)

TOEFL : Yet to give but expecting >105

Work Experience : Around 3.5 years as a Software Developer in Citibank India (Full Stack Web Developer and some minor work in DS)

Publications : No Publications

Research Work : None

Recommendations : 

I have strong recommendations from Vice President designation manager in company

I have moderate recommendations from college profs.

Awards : 

1. NTS scholar

2. Appreciation for various activities in office.

3. High score in 10th and 12th education ( both greater than 95% in ICSE board)


Preliminary shortlisted/interested universities :

1. ETH Zurich


3. University of Edinburgh

4. Ga Tech

5. NUS

6. University of Texas, Austin

7. TU Munich

Please suggest some good universities as well which would fit my profile.

Thanks in advance.

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