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ISO: Rejected NSF GRFP Proposals


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Hello fellow applicants, I'm looking for examples of rejected NSF GRFP proposals from previous years. I submitted my application yesterday, and am winding down, looking for things to read to keep my mind at ease (ha!). If you have or have found an example of a rejected NSF GRFP proposal, and would be willing to link to it or PM me, I'd appreciate it. (Mulling over all the things I could have done better or may not realize I did poorly.)

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Why do you want examples of rejected GRFP proposals?

Alex Lang (https://www.alexhunterlang.com/nsf-fellowship) has a listing of successful GRFP proposals, and a few of those do have links to previous years' unsuccessful proposals or to the proposals of Honorable Mentions.

I'm not sure that thinking of all the things you could've done better or may not realize that you did poorly will keep your mind at ease. Moreover, while some unsuccessful proposals are clearly not competitive, there are other unsuccessful proposals that were really good and didn't get an award simply because the competition is fierce.

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