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  1. Anyone else in the MCIBS program at Penn State? I've accepted their offer! Also, I was just notified about being offered the NSF GRFP! Congratulations to everyone on your decisions and successes. I am so excited for all the research we'll be making possible!
  2. I was offered the NSF GRFP! I feel like I'm gonna vomit! Congratulations to the other recipients. I'm celebrating in spirit with you all! (Undergraduate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, starting at Penn State (MCIBS PhD program) this fall!)
  3. Hey again GC community, I need some advice. I've been offered two really solid packages from two programs/labs that are truly tied for me. Both have costs and benefits in terms of the PI/research paradigm/facilities/atmosphere which are intangible and that make the decision process somewhat difficult. A few tangible differences between A and B: A.) Stipend is lower, but cost of living is much lower (but somewhat boring, being in the midwest), less course requirements, in driving distance from family/SO. Offered 1 year fellowship and nominated for additional 3 year fellowship. B.) Stip
  4. I found the environment in B very comfortable (and familiar, being from the midwest). Saving money/paying off debts and possibly having a house to make rental income would be really nice. The folks at A and I *really* got along and continue to speak regularly; right now I think I'll feel obligated/guilty for turning them down if I do.
  5. Anybody have an update on the GRFP panels post-shutdown? (That wouldn't be gleaned from reading the website?)
  6. Two acceptances so far at my top 2! Really tied in terms of research interests/funding/facilities/academic atmosphere/etc. (PI at one actually studied under PI at the other!) Main differences that I'm having trouble sorting out: Tech at A specific to my project ideas would need to be set up initially (by me), whereas is already set up and being piloted at B. Cost of living is high at A (almost making a studio apartment unaffordable), and (VERY) low at B (to the point of making a mortgage a no-brainer). A is prettier, topographically much more diverse than where I've lived all my life
  7. As an undergraduate, I became ineligible for federal aid due to maxing out my cumulative attempted credit hours (who knew starting college as a directionless 18 year old might be messy?) I'm thankful that my first graduate program acceptance letter came today, and that the program has offered full funding and stipend for the duration of my studies...but I will need to find a bit of extra aid to cover/refinance/push into deferment some higher interest debts that, while I can manage, will make my budget ultra-tight otherwise. My question is, does satisfactory academic progress (SAP - what the Fe
  8. I just had my first day of (informal, off the books) interviews with some faculty during a recruitment weekend - one question I was asked by all of them in different ways toward the end of our discussion was “what questions are you *specifically* interested in asking?” Is it possible that I’m not coming across as focused in my research ideas/interests? Or is this a general question to expect?
  9. There didn’t really seem to be a thread to discuss interviews, so if I should move this lmk. For interview/recruitment weekends, is there anything that you wish you could go back and do different? There’s loads of advice out there regarding what to wear/questions to ask/how to put your best foot forward/etc., but maybe something happened during your visit that you didn’t expect? Any advice is helpful.
  10. Ayo. I see two have heard back from Princeton QCB. Might anyone be willing to share additional details?
  11. Egads! I've forgotten to submit a transcript with an application. I notified the graduate admissions office at the university that I had my university express mail an official transcript two days after the deadline (12/1) when I realized my mistake. I'm not freaked out or anything, but has anyone had experience dealing with a related mishap/what was the outcome?
  12. Well, it's December! Best of luck to everyone, hope we all start hearing back about interviews SOON!!!
  13. I just submitted my application for the NSF GRFP. I was wondering if anyone had insight into LORs, and whether having one from my prospective PI (Ivy, R1) will have any weight?
  14. Hello fellow applicants, I'm looking for examples of rejected NSF GRFP proposals from previous years. I submitted my application yesterday, and am winding down, looking for things to read to keep my mind at ease (ha!). If you have or have found an example of a rejected NSF GRFP proposal, and would be willing to link to it or PM me, I'd appreciate it. (Mulling over all the things I could have done better or may not realize I did poorly.)
  15. Posted earlier in the year; updating as I submit my applications. Undergraduate Institution: University of Nebraska at OmahaMajor(s): Biology, NeuroscienceMinor(s): PhilosophyGPA in Major: 3.56/4.0Overall GPA: 3.35/4.0 Position in class: ?Supplementary education: bioinformatics courses through UCSD-ExtensionType of Student: domestic white maleGRE Scores (revised)Q: 160 (74%)V: 160 (86%)W: 5.5 (98%)B: N/AResearch Experience: - Summer REU (via NSF) - 2&1/2 years molecular neuro/genetics research (assisting in NIH projects; conducting my own, below) (6 months of the above experience have
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