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Fall 2019 Statistics/Biostatistics PhD Profile Evaluation

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Undergraduate Institution: NC State

Major//Minor: Statistics, Minors in Math, English, German

Cumulative GPA: 4.00

Major GPA: 4.00

Student Type: Domestic White Male

GRE General:

Q: 168 (94 %tile)

V: 168 (98 %tile)

W: 4.5 (82 %tile)


   A+: Java, Intro to Advanced Math, Statistical Computing, Regression Analysis

   A: Calc 3, Intro to Stat, Linear Algebra, Survey Sampling, Experimental Design, Data Science, Operations Research

   A-: Differential Equations, Math Stat I, Math Stat II

   B: Real Analysis I (honors section if that counts for anything)

   In progress: Nonparametric StatisticsApplied Time Series, Real Analysis II

Programming Experience: R, SAS Certified, SQL

Research Experience: SIBS at Boston University, statistical genetics REU, functional data analysis research with professor at NC State 

Work Experience: Internship as Data Scientist at Boeing, applied statistics work for fundraising office at NC State

Research Interests: Statistical genetics, machine learning, unsure

Publications: None

Letters of Recommendation: Strong letter from REU mentor, letter from advisor and letter from professor I did research with at NC State



Statistics PhD: Carnegie Mellon, Ohio St, Penn St, NC State, Cornell, Minnesota

Biostatistics PhD: Harvard, Washington, UNC, Boston U

My concern: low grade in analysis, lack of other high level math courses

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