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Research Proposal for SSHRC/CIHR


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This is the first time that I will be applying for the SSHRC or CIHR scholarship and I have to create a short research proposal. But, I do not know how to accomplish this effectively. Is there anyone that would be willing to give me some advice on how to create one? Or, would there be anyone who is willing to send me one of their proposals from the past that I could use as mere reference? 

Lastly, am I obligated to carry out the proposed research, given that I am awarded the scholarship? 

Thank you so much for your time! 


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First, make sure you are aware of which Tri-council research focus you're interested in pursuing - CIHR is for health research and SSHRC is social science-focused. Whichever one you choose can drastically alter the type of research you propose and the wording/content. 

If you have done an thesis or research project during your undergraduate studies, you can think about using that as a starting step. What can you pursue that adds to the body of research you tried to accomplish through that project? Given that you have 1-2 years (depending on your Masters) to accomplish this project, what further advances can you think of? If you haven't done a project before, think about the area of research you intend to pursue in graduate school. From there, look at recent literature and find gaps in the field that you want to address. Often, papers will include limitations and future directions when they write up a research study into a publication. Use those as references to come up with a novel experiment that answers those questions that remain unanswered.

And no, you are more than likely not going to be conducting the same project in graduate school. In fact, the project you propose may end up being in an area that is different from the one your graduate research will be in!


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