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Hi Everyone!
I need your help/guidance to think of a research topic that I may conduct for my thesis/dissertation. Although my class will not start until November, I want to think of my topic as early as now so I can do a thorough research. I have listed interesting topics below within the specialization that I am going to take but I don’t know yet what exactly I want to study on those topics. Can you help me to think of a good research topic or maybe give advice on the topics that I listed below? 

1.  Employee Satisfaction
2.  Learning styles (Visual, auditory)
3.  Leadership styles
4.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) – How effective and accurate?
5.  Employee Experience (EX)
6.  Skill competency needed in the workplace

7.  Appraisals
8.  Job Satisfaction

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Thank you in advance! ☺️

Ryan G. D.
(Masters in Psychology – Specialization: Industrial-Organizational Psychology)


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You should probably speak to your advisor about this. One of the key tests of competency for a thesis/dissertation is to be able to think critically on your own. Pick a topic that seems the most interesting, do some reading on it, see where there are gaps in the literature, and try to formulate a specific question based on those gaps. 

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