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Should I retake the GRE?


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I took the GRE on October 30 and received the following:   157V, 162Q, 5.5 AWA.

I'm trying to get into a decent master's program for applied statistics/quantitative methods. I'm completely fine with what I scored on verbal and writing, but my quant score was dramatically lowered than what I both hoped for and expected. On most practice tests, I was scoring around 165/166Q.

Is it worth retaking when there's little chance I will improve my verbal and AWA scores, just quant?

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I'm kind of in the same boat...decent V and AWA scores and exact same Q score but debating on whether to take it again just for 3-4 point increase. It's hard to decide being so close to the maximum score but the small difference in points is such a huge difference in percentiles :( 

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2 of my good friends just got into good phd stat programs, Ohio state and University of Florida with 162Q. So, unless your shooting for ivy league stuff I would say your good. Not sure if masters are more or less strict than phd. Now I got a 160V/159Q and I've pretty much decided that I'm retaking since I was shooting for an 80 percentile minimum (thats what all my professors told us)

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