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How do you calculate your CSD GPA? Aren't the CSD prereqs for each program different so the classes that are included in the GPA different according to the program? 

Also, I took difficult chem and bio classes because I was pre-med at some point, so my GPA for that part of the ASHA requirement is low...would the caliber of those classes be taken into account? (versus people who took easy 'physical' science online, etc.)

I'm seeing a lot of users here posting their CSD and cumulative AND major GPA, and I'm not sure what my CSD GPA is.

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Your CSD GPA is based solely on your communication disorders classes and I would assume, for most schools, they take into account even those that weren't pre-reqs for their specific program.

I think the caliber of the science classes  is taken into account and if all of your other stats look good a C or greater would make most programs happy. :)

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