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Low GRE but a lot of Full-Time Research Experience

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My GRE scores were ridiculously low (157V/152Q/3AW). I have never taken standardized tests well and had the same problem with my SATs back in the day. My GPA is a 3.507 and I am doing a Neuroscience and Computer Science degree. I also have 19 months of cumulative full-time research experience (as of September of my Senior Year) and know what I want to study for my PhD. Do I stand a chance or will my GRE knock me out of the running?

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Do the program you are applying to explicitly mentioned that GRE is required? I learned that many biology/biomed program started to phase out GRE requirements. In that case, I believe you don't need to submit your score. Also, if your research experience amount to some meaningful outputs (posters, pubs), I believe you can emphasize that. In any case, it's better to email the program and ask whether they have a GRE cutoff. Another options is to look for programs which have a much later deadline. That way you can have time to retake the GRE hopefully improve your score. 

Hope this helps.

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