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Not another GRE evalutation question....


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Hey Guys,

Ill keep this question short and to the point. I took the GRE today and got vastly disparate scores on the sections. 169 verbal, 148 quantitative, unknown analytical atm. I know its a terrible quant score, I know studying in the best solution to everything. But I am honest to goodness terrible at math.

No need to be gentle, is this quant too terrible for even mid-tier institutions, or is it acceptable if unappealing depending on the school?

Thoughts are much appreciated.



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Try looking up some schools of interest and see if they report their average scores for each section. If they don't, try finding a comparable school that does report scores to gauge your performance. If you fall within the average, you should be good. If you are just slightly below it, judge for yourself if the rest of your application can make up for that slightly lower score. If your score is really bad compared to the rest of your class, try an alternative study method compared to how you studied the quant section the last time and consider retaking the exam. You can take ETS power prep practice exams which are very good at predicting your score, so you know where you are at. If you don't have enough time to retake it, see if you have any exceptional qualification in your application that admissions will be so wow'ed that a subpar quant score is less scrutinized. As you are going for a PhD, reach out to a professor you are interested in working with and see if they'd like to take you on, then ask for their opinion on the matter. Good Luck!

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