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The Graduate Institute Geneva (IHEID) 2019

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10 hours ago, Aleks1993 said:

Thank you for your insights and congrats again on the funding, I'd be there in a heartbeat ... So, are you applying for the student housing? 

I guess I wasn't really clear... I hope they come back to me by the 15th, but I fear they will not... So worst case I will pay the 1000CHF and then have to bail :D sounds horrible ... I guess I'll see what the admissions says, I wrote them an email. 

I'd love to get into the student housing... but I heard that it is less likely to receive housing if you get funding. So I am starting to look elsewhere. If you have already been accepted into Sciences Po and haven't received funding you might still be in luck. I know sometimes students decline an offer and students can essentially "take" that funding. Overall 1000CHF isn't too bad, particularly if the overall tuition is lower. 

I would call them and ask if a notification can be released early, or call Geneva to see if you can postpone you're payment. If you're french is good enough Sciences Po admissions are more likely to help you if you speak french. 

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