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Thoughts on Chances (Futile Anxiety)


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Hi guys! Straight to the point, I'd like your thoughts on how I'll fare in admissions for T-20 programs:

-SLAC 3.92 GPA (fell from a 4.0 senior year due to health issues, will be letting depts. know)

-Oxford MSt (two letters from faculty here, one letter from SLAC)

-170 Verbal / 159 Quant / 5.5 AW

-Grinding the writing sample, has gotten praise (after many criticisms) from adviser and others, fits my AOI

I'm just worried because though I'm doing a masters to compensate for not coming from a ranked department, I'm only a few months into it, and also the health issues senior year which brought down my GPA. Thanks for your opinions, no one knows what'll happen but it's still fun to get some thoughts.

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Your stats are such that they won't keep you out of anywhere. That, of course, is not a guarantee of anything. It'll come down to writing sample, SOP, fit, and what the admissions committee had for breakfast on the day they review your file. Polish as much as you can but don't lose too much sleep over it. It will be out of your hands very soon.

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Your grades and GRE scores are fine. But, as Glasperlenspieler says, they're the least important part of your application. Do what you can, and move on.

Enjoy your time in grad school, and don't expect academic employment afterwards (that's a recipe for misery).

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