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Transcript discrepancy-what to do??



I'm applying to 7 PhD programs in Education, and only one-Harvard-had a deadline of Dec 1-the rest are later. I've been out of school for 8 years, so I wrote to my school requesting new transcripts, and long story short, a number of delays at their end meant I didn't get the official transcript in time. Harvard accepts unofficial transcripts, so I went through my Google Drive from my graduation year, found 2 copies of my transcript, uploaded one and submitted my app. When I received the official one, I realized that the one I submitted has a couple of discrepancies. Three of my A-s are listed as As, and a course I withdrew from (with a W) isn't included. I think this is because I tweaked the unofficial one years ago when calculating how many extra classes I'd have to take to raise my CGPA. Anyway, it doesn't really impact my overall GPA, but I am still worried because technically, if I were ever to get in, my official transcripts would make this seem like cheating. What do I do? Should I write to the school, wait and see if I even make it to the interview stage, ignore it altogether? I did upload the correct (official) copy to all my other apps.

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