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Choice to rerank POIs



So i got invited to attend an interview. The person who contacted me (B) was no.2 on my SOP but is also the director of the doctoral program. Now i've been given a form to list up to 5 faculty members i'd like to meet when i'm there. Should i reorder my initial 2 POIs so that B who contacted me is now no.1 and the previous no.1 POI (A) down to no.2 or should i just stick with my initial rankings? i'm not sure if both A and B saw my SOP and B was more excited to work with me, but A is a better fit in terms of skills I wanna learn. I should note that this school does not have strict mentorship and you tend to rotate a number of labs. Thanks in advance for any input guys!

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You don't need to change your rank order of POIs for the form, just stick with the order you used in your SOP.  Faculty know that applicants are asked to rank more than one POI and I doubt they take it personally.  Sometimes its really hard to choose the order and you end up just picking a random rank order for POIs.  I imagine this happens when they have to choose applicants at times so it isn't a huge deal.  During my application cycle I was invited to interview with a POI that I ranked second and not who I ranked first and it was no big deal.  My first choice decided at the last minute not to take a student and my second choice was.  We never discussed it and the interview was fine.

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