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Fall 2019 Data Science Master Profile Evaluation US

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Undergraduate Institution: Cornell University

Majors: Statistics Minor: Computer Science

Cumulative GPA: 3.61

Student Type: Domestic Asian Male

GRE General Test:  Quant:169, Verbal: 166, AW: 4.0 


Statistics: Statistical Methods I (A), Statistical Methods II (B+), Probability Models and Inference (A), Statistical Data Mining (B+), Stochastic Processes (A), Theory of Statistics (A), Linear Models with Matrices (B+)

Mathematics: Linear Algebra (A), Calculus III (B+), Differential Equations (B)

Computer Science: Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems (A), Artificial Intelligence (A),  Discrete Mathematics (B+), Java Programming (B)



Intern Experience:

Two internships in risk and venture capital


Teaching Experience: 

Teaching assistant for intro statistics, and also probability class


Other Information: Took several online MOOCs, Officer of Actuarial Society (passed SOA Exam P), did several data science projects for class and in own time


Letters of Recommendation: 3 from stats professors, one from machine learning professor


Schools planning to apply: Stanford (M.S.), Penn (M.S.), Columbia (M.S.), NorthWestern(M.S.), NYU (M.S.)

My Concern: Intern experience doesn't directly relate to data science  analysis, GPA is a little bit low (although I believe our school is known for grade deflation?)


Programming skill: Python, R, some experience with Java, C++, Matlab


Thanks in advance

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