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Compensation: XX per hour, what does this mean?


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I've been looking at some adjunct positions and some of them advertise their compensation as being XX amount per hour. Now, since these are part-time positions, I'm wondering what this actually means. Is this XX for every hour taught? XX for every hour of class + office time? Or is it XX for every hour of a standard part-time contract (so 20-25h a week)? Perhaps it changes based on the institution, but I was wondering if anyone knew what the standard was.

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At my institution, it is based on credit hour, so you just multiply that by what the credit hours are (is it a 3 credit course, 4 credit, etc.). That's the most common I've seen, but that could definitely vary per school.

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Are credit hours calculated on a weekly basis? Sorry, I’m an international student, not sure what the specifics are.

edited: figured it out, thanks

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