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When do visits for accepted students happen?


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This is really jumping the gun in some sense (no idea where and if I’ll be accepted), but could anyone share when visits for prospective students usually happen? I’ll be out of the country through February, so I’m trying to decide if I can get away with coming back in late Feb (like after the 25th) or if I should really be back by mid-Feb. I scrolled through threads from previous years, and while most programs seem to plan theirs for March, I saw a few posts that implied February dates. Any info would be really appreciated.

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The majority of visits are in mid/late March and early April. There's a thread with a list of acceptance dates from previous years. Usually there's around 4-5 weeks between an acceptance and a visit date, sometimes longer. The only visit I had in early February (the 8th for reference) was from GWU, but that was because they flew out their shortlist before making final admission decisions. The others were March 21st and April 1st for reference. 

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