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Duke Statistics MS interview request

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On 2/1/2019 at 12:18 AM, Monte Carlo said:

I guess the interviews have been done earlier this month. And since it’s not important, no need to bother the department again.

I notice that someone already got an admission from Duke MS program, have you heard anything back from them?

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1 hour ago, AmericanInLondon101 said:

I received admission, but I am an American studying at a UK university. It's possible they're doing admissions to international applicants first. 

Congrats! it seems like you are the only one admitted so far. Also, did you have an interview with the program director?

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56 minutes ago, CarolinaSmash said:

I think they send an email to tell you to check the website. Still nothing yet rippppppp not looking good

Did you have any offers from other schools? I haven’t got any offers so far ...


20 minutes ago, Monte Carlo said:

they sent me an email to check the website

Congratulations!!! I have to admit that I’m very jealous :( 

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