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Credit score required for student loans?


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Hi all. I realize this isn't strictly specific to social work but it doesn't seem to be gaining much traction on the other forum and I'm a bit desperate. I’m just wondering if anyone had like a ballpark figure about the credit score required to be approved for graduate PLUS loans. Mine is pretty bad, like, mid-500’s, and it may even get worse before it gets better. I’m hoping to improve it before I go to school this fall, but if not, do I stand any chance of being approved for a PLUS loan with a score like that? And is it possible that there may be additional scholarship money available if I do not? When I was in undergrad my dad was denied for a parent PLUS loan my senior year and they gave me $4,000 in extra money to compensate. Also, does anyone know if Stafford loans are dependent on your credit score? Don’t need any advice about my financial situation; I know it’s bad and I’m doing my best to fix it. Just wondering if anyone has even a relative idea of what credit score is required to qualify. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

Edit: nvm, just realized it’s not dependent on credit score, but rather whether one has an adverse credit history. Linking the info I found below in case anyone might find it helpful in future. Sorry.




Note to self: Google is your friend.

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Your school's financial aid department staff should be able to answer these questions for you and if not you can contact the Department of Education directly.  These are all valid questions that will assist you in planning so the sooner you have accurate information the better.

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