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How to respond to an acceptance email?


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Hi! I'm super excited because I just got my first response from a school--an acceptance from one of my top programs. I feel like I should respond to the acceptance email with something like "Thank you so much! I am honored to have been accepted to this program and am incredibly grateful for this scholarship..." but I'm still waiting on seven other schools, so I can't accept their offer yet. I'm terrible with small social stuff like this, so any thoughts on how to proceed would be highly appreciated! Thanks.

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I use something like what you wrote, plus "I will consider this offer most seriously." 

I also emailed that to all the individual faculty I interviewed with + "thank you for the interview and the positive words you must have put in."

Don't know if this is appropriate but I feel comfortable sending these out, so that' what I did.

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Might want to try something along the lines of:

"Thank you very much for the acceptance to your program!  I am very excited by the idea of attending (insert university) this (insert application term).  I will be taking this offer into serious consideration when making my final decision.  Thank you again for taking the time and providing me with the opportunity to share my passion in (insert field) with your university."

Universities like knowing you have multiple offers.  It makes them feel like they made the right decision, in my opinion.

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