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I applied to medical illustration grad school programs that start in Fall of 2019. Does anyone have advice on how to prepare for a graduate school interview for these programs? I've never had a grad school interview in my life and what to know how to prepare myself. Also, any timeline ideas on when I might hear back from the other schools? I have an interview at Augusta, and I applied to Hopkins, Chicago, and Toronto.



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Hey Jordan! 

Have you had any interviews yet? My best advice is to stay calm and answer each question thoughtfully. If you got an interview, they already like your portfolio and academic record— now it’s about seeing who you are as a person and whether you’re able to keep up with the rigor of their program. Be prepared to talk about your process with any piece of art you bring, and be prepared to discuss a piece you’d like to improve. Finally, be able to tell them you can commit to this being your primary (really only) focus for the duration of the program. I’ve studied many other subjects and traveled a lot, which made them wonder if I would enjoy this very specific path. 

Congrats on being invited to interview! Best of luck!



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