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How candid should I be about why I haven't applied the past two cycles?




I didn't get into any grad schools I applied to for the fall 2016 cycle. This was somewhat of a relief, as I was in a long-term relationship (~5 years) with someone who wouldn't have moved with me if I was accepted somewhere. Being in this relationship played a pretty big role in my decision not to apply the next two cycles. The relationship ended last February, so from then I had planned to apply again for the 2019 cycle and started contacting potential advisors. 

What would be the best way to address this gap if it comes up it in an interview?

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I doubt this would come up in an interview. Many applicants take time between application cycles for various reasons. If it does come up, you should just say you didn't apply due to life circumstances. I don't think it's necessary to give exact details. Again though, I really doubt they would ask. They could, however, ask what you have been doing to gain experience relevant in your field since then.

Hope this is somewhat helpful!

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I agree with @PsychWannabee - it's not likely to come up, and if it does, I would give little detail. You'll never be sure how a POI or admin committee will interpret a life event like that. Best of luck and congrats on finally starting your path to graduate school *~*~*

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