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UIUC MSW 2019 Applications


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I applied to UIUC MSW program for 2019 and I have been anxiously checking the status of my application almost every day, and it does not seem that much has changed. I have heard some people viewing different parts of their application as verified. Has anyone received acceptance or rejection letters from UIUC MSW program for 2019 yet? 

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Congrats!!  ?That has to be super exciting!

Did you have to go through an interview process or did you just receive an acceptance letter? Also, when did you submit your application? I am feeling total bummed that I did not submit my application earlier and wonder if my odds are less likely because I submitted it so close to the deadline. And the fact that my undergrad university took a long time submitting my transcripts. But I am trying to be optimistic. 

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I received an email, there was no interview! I submitted my application the last day possible which was the 11 or the 15 th of January. I am sure you will hear soon because I had to accept the offer by February 4, or they would give my spot to someone else.

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