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  1. MSWgrl2019

    2019 MSW UPenn Interview-- Help

    I also have a 3.4 and coming out of undergrad, I am also a division 1 athlete. I had a 100-hour internship last year and have been at a residential treatment facility last semester and this semester. Like you I should be graduating with over 500 hours! I am specializing in Children and Families! Who is your interview with? I think we will be fine lol
  2. MSWgrl2019

    2019 MSW UPenn Interview-- Help

    Thank you so much!
  3. MSWgrl2019

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    @suhlast How was your interview for penn?
  4. MSWgrl2019

    Fall 2019 Applications

    Do you know when we're supposed to hear from BU?
  5. MSWgrl2019

    2019 MSW UPenn Interview-- Help

    Hello all, I have my Upenn interview next week and I am freaking out!! Any advice/ what kind of questions did they ask??

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