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  1. For those who applied to NYU by the Jan 10 deadline, I just spoke to admissions and they said we would hear back on or before Feb 21!
  2. They seem to be giving all kinds of mixed responses. I just got a very vague "within the next few weeks" response!
  3. Hey! Did you talk to the schools for this info?
  4. Oh, alright! Thank you for the suggestion
  5. I did my undergrad in Psychology and I've been working as a social worker in children's welfare for the past 6 months. Before this, I've worked part time with a behavior change communications organisation, as well as one NGO that works on education for underprivileged children. In my college, i used to work extensively on gender issues and currently doing a fellowship on menstrual health management. My concern is that my GPA is low (2.9) so my chances of getting in are low I think. I am applying for the clinical (health, mental health and disabilities) track but also considering the child welfare one.
  6. I am also applying to Columbia and I feel ya! The essays are quite stressful. Any clue of when we would tentatively hear back if we apply by the Dec 1 priority deadline?
  7. Hi everyone! Can anyone give me feedback on Yeshiva University's MSW program (in person- two year traditional)? I'm applying to schools mainly in the NYC area and Yeshiva just told me that I would hear back within the next ten days and seemed very positive about my application. However, I've heard mixed reviews about the school itself so any insight yall can give me is appreciated. Thank you!
  8. From my conversation with different schools (in the NY area), if you're GPA is low, you should take a paragraph of your statement to explain why. Also, try to build up your resume further, do some volunteer activities etc if you can and work really hard on your application essays as those are very heavily weighted.
  9. Has anyone who applied for traditional track heard back?
  10. did you apply for traditional track or advanced? I'm guessing they've mailed out the acceptances so I'm just waiting for my rejection now:/
  11. omg that's great! So hopefully by Feb 20th latest!
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