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  1. GEMMA results will only be announced towards the end of May as per their website and their response to my email. So don't worry yet! I hope it works out for you.
  2. Heard back initially on feb 3rd and then accepted on March 10th!
  3. Hello! I got accepted after beinf waitlisted initially. I was told that I will hear back by April 19 but I heard back by Mid March. So you might hear soon. All the best
  4. Hi yes, I did have an interview and received an acceptance later on the same day. I do know that they interview all international applicants bit not sure about domestic.
  5. Yes, just saw this. So disappointing because I might have to commit to another university with deposit deadlines coming up. Was really hoping to hear back by April 15 to be able to make an informed decision.
  6. I heard back on the 10th and they said I will hear on fin aid within 2 weeks. Things might be delayed with universities due to COVID-19 perhaps.
  7. Hey! I did get accepted into the program but I'm not sure about attending because I'm unsure of how religious the programs focus will be and im unable to find any great reviews online.
  8. Yall, I got into Columbia! I have to now decide between Columbia and Case Western and I'm definitely leaning towards Columbia, just concerned about costs.
  9. Hello! To all those who were wait-listed at Columbia: I spoke to associate dean of Enrollment and Student Services and he said we should be hearing back about our final decision by Mid-March. I had emailed him asking if I could possibly hear back by march due to some scholarship deadlines and he was very friendly in his response. I also got an interview call from Columbia soon after as I am an international applicant. Those of you who have had interviews with them already, what was it like? Anything specific I should be prepared for? Thank you and all the best!!
  10. I have received 26K as a scholarship amount including 4k field award. It still leaves me with quite a hefty amount to pay. Considering appealing for more. Anyone have any success with appealing?
  11. Anyone hear back from GEMMA yet?
  12. Hi! I was just accepted today. Still waiting to hear on the scholarship, hoping it will be generous!
  13. Congratulation! What path did you apply for?
  14. I got into case western!!! My letter says I got a scholarship but I will only know the amount when I receive my admissions package by mail. Can't wait, really hoping it's a good scholarship because I will not be able to attend school this year without a scholarship.
  15. Me also! Any idea when we will hear back?
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