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for 2019 MFA (Visual Arts) Applicants


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Hello people, I know it's kind of late to start a thread now after all the applications over for this Fall 2019.

I just wanted to hear some feedbacks from people who already went through this process, or from people who are going through this process (like me).

I have a degree in BFA Illustration, and I graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC last year 2018 May.

The schools I've applied are:

SVA- Computer Arts

Pratt- Digital Arts

MICA-Illustration Practice [had an interview]


Washington State University- Fine Arts

RISD- Digital+Media

Yale- Painting [rejected]

SAIC- Communication Art [rejected]

Columbia- Visual Arts

I recently got rejected from SAIC and Yale, and I just had a Skye interview from MICA but, I don't think I excelled at the interview. I was nervous.

If you guys are also in a status of waiting and getting rejection letters like me, how are you guys doing?

And, I have a weird question. Does receiving the catalog from school mean anything? I've got a catalog from SAIC then I got a rejection letter a month later. From MICA, where I got the interview invitation, I didn't receive any catalog. And today, I received a catalog from Pratt. I know that it should mean nothing but, it just makes me anxious. Does anyone know?

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